Lisa Nelson


MPA & Political Science

Public Administration



Ph.D. and M.A., University of Arizona at Tempe

B.A., Brown University

Professor Lisa Nelson

Areas of Interest and Specialization: Environmental sustainability, with attention to citizen participation, intergovernmental and intersectoral agreements and management, and creative leadership training through Social Artistry

Selected Recent Publications

"Environmental Networks: Relying on Process or Outcome for Motivation" in M. Mandell (ed) Getting Results Through Collaboration (Quorum Books)

"Community Sustainability and Land Use" in Public Administration Review 61/6, 2001


MPA 505: Qualitative Analysis for the Public Sector

MPA 600: Capstone Seminar - Integration of Theories, Methods, and Practices

MPA 695/696: MPA Project and Thesis 

PLS 201: Introduction to American Government

PLS 206: Public Administration

PLS 315: Politics of Public Policy

PLS 416: Public Organizations

PLS 472/474: Fieldwork in Politics and Legal Affairs

PLS 499: Special Topics - Community Sustainability and Policy

RS 303: Organization for Regenerative Practices


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Phone: (909) 869-4739

Office: 94-338