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Purpose of the councils…
Although each council is unique, serves a different student constituency, and has its own specific goals, ideals, and purpose, all councils do share a common purpose.

  • To provide for the betterment of the student body of Cal Poly Pomona as a whole.
  • To function as the central representative body of student organizations and ASI within the college or the council.
  • To act as a liaison between student constituents of the college or the council and the ASI Senate.
  • To ascertain the needs, desires, and attitudes of their constituents for the purposes of representation.
  • To reflect the shared ideas, and disseminate the interest and activities of the students and faculty of the college or council.
  • To promote and implement a spirit of unified action, involvement, cooperation and understanding among the students, faculty, staff, and university administrators of Cal Poly Pomona.

To strengthen the channels of communication, and the degree of coordination and interaction among its members in cooperation with faculty, staff, university administrators, and ASI of Cal Poly Pomona.